Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sex and the City vs. The Suburbs

First I'd like to thank my dear younger sister for letting me in on this action. I don't know about all that "smart one" stuff since she is the one who got something off the ground that I have only talked ad nauseum about doing myself. I may have the Master's in English Lit., but sometimes we overeducated end up being the most stagnant. Anyway, I know Jen mentioned that we were going to do a weekly point/counterpoint on Fridays, and it occurred to me that, best friends though we are, we are a living example of opposites.

I titled this post as such because as my sister brings the mayhem of a suburban wife and mother to life, I will attempt to balance that view with my own urban perspective. I am married but childless, living mostly for myself and my husband, having my way over my favorite playground - the City of Chicago. As of this past August, I also officially became a "woman of a certain age," making my own misadventures at happy hours, office parties and the gym all the more akin to the stories of Carrie and the gals. The hope is that no matter which side of the fence you sit (mine for personal, as well as logisitical reasons, is bound to be more scandalous), you will find something with which to identify.

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